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Sports Enhancement with Our Forth Worth Chiropractor

A sports injury almost always involves your musculoskeletal system--muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons and bones--and dysfunction of the nervous system due to nerve compression. Chiropractic treatment for sports injuries is rapidly increasing in popularity due to its effectiveness and "whole body" approach to your overall health and well-being. In addition, sports enhancement with chiropractic techniques does not rely on drugs or surgery to improve musculoskeletal health. Instead, chiropractic sports enhancement draws on the body's natural ability to heal itself while strengthening soft tissues and joints to significantly reduce the risk of suffering repeated injuries.

Common Sports Injuries

Sports enhancement techniques provided by chiropractors also address a commonly injured part of the body--the knees. Weight trainers and athletes who perform aerobics, jog, run and put extreme pressure on their knees almost always suffer knee conditions resulting from misuse or overuse of knee joints. For example, the anterior cruciate ligament is a tough band of tissue meant to stabilize and protect knees from damage caused by powerful, back-to-front/front-to-back forces. ACL sprains occur when athletes performing rigorous physical activities stop abruptly during their exercise, pivot or twist against the joint's intended direction or hyperextend the leg.

Another knee ligament called the posterior cruciate ligament works in conjunction with the anterior cruciate ligament. The PCL also helps stabilize the integrity of the knee joint. This ligament typically suffers sprains when the front of the knee is hit head-on. Falling forcefully on the knee while playing sports or performing low impact aerobics may sprain the PCL ligament.

Rotator cuff muscles are designed to stabilize and protect shoulder joints but frequently tear when overused and strained by repetitive use. When these four muscles are injured due to sports-related activities, symptoms such as pain at the front and side of the shoulder/upper arm and pain that intensifies when you raise your arms above your head are experienced. Stiffness, weakness, and pain attributed to rotator cuff injuries intensify if treatment is delayed.

Chiropractic Techniques and Sports Enhancement

Osteopathic manipulation is a highly effective type of chiropractic therapy that promotes joint flexibility and muscle/soft tissue health. During osteopathic manipulation, your chiropractor applies gentle but firm pressure to joints and muscles to therapeutically stretch and work out injured tissues. In addition to improving range of motion and relieving pain, osteopathic manipulation is also an excellent preventive against a future sports injury.

Other types of chiropractic treatment for musculoskeletal and nervous system dysfunction include spinal adjustments, therapeutic massage and the Cox Flexion-Distraction Method, a combination of adjustments and spinal decompression that widens intradiscal space to relieve nerve compression and inflammation.

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