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Post Surgical Neuropathy

My name is Jonathon, and for almost ten years now, I have been suffering from nerve pain due to a neck injury. After two neck surgeries and a metal plate at C4-C5, I still continued to have pain. Furthermore, as a result of the metal plate, my other discs have degenerated and have led to bulging discs at C3-C4 and C5-C8, causing even more pain and symptoms of neuropathy.

Before meeting Dr. Michlin, no chiropractor would work on my neck. I went to several surgeons, including the top surgeons at Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and was told that I was beyond surgical intervention. Since working with Dr. Michlin, I have actually been experiencing pain relief for the first time in ten years. His expertise in cervical care and his precision in adjusting the spine have provided corrective care to the discs in my neck and back.

Within the first few visits, I began to have feeling in my arms and legs which had been numb for years. My treatment is ongoing, but having hope again is as therapeutic as the actual care I receive.

I would recommend Dr. Michlin to anyone who is experiencing neck or back pain. He is truly qualified to treat the entire spine, and he is specialized to deal with situations where other doctors have given up.

42 Year Old Male, Minister of Music & Worship, Duncanville, Texas

Post Chemotherapy Neuropathy

After four adjustments, a patient suffering from post chemotherapy neuropathy wrote to me Sunday morning to say, "This morning I wept with joy. It has been longer than I can remember that I was able to stand straight up from taking a bath!!  I am sure Dr. Michlin is used to folks being grateful to him for what he does. I must tell say, y'all are changing my life (medically and spiritually)!!"

50 Year Old Female, Fort Worth, Texas

Atlas orthogonal chiropractic has done for me what no other doctors could do.  I came to Dr. Michlin because my arms and fingers were going numb at night and during the day and my left foot and leg tingled constantly.  After doctors were unable to help me, and I suspected (from what I learned about my dog) that my nerves may be pinched at the spine.  So I had my atlas adjusted.  Little did I realize the surprises I was in for. 

It was simple, quick, and precise, like the tap of a pen at the base of my skull.  The instant my atlas was aligned, my jaw opened smoothly!   My jaw had been getting stuck since I was 14, but from that moment, it never got stuck again. 

Then, four days later, my legs were the same length.  My left leg had been “shorter” since I was born, and the doctors had told my mother there was nothing they could do.  Now, after 50 years, my clothes fit evenly and I can stand straight.

Next, within about a month, I realized that I could breathe again. My breathing had become so strained that I had to bend over for air.  Breathing tests and medications did not help; I ended up in the emergency room, and the interventions just made it worse.  But now, with my atlas aligned, I can breathe fully and deeply again. 

Before my atlas was adjusted, I had debilitating headaches almost every week.  As my atlas stayed in place more and more, my headaches reduced to about once a month.  Now they are so infrequent that I don’t keep ibuprofen anymore.  I can travel with confidence without getting sick like I used to.

Digestion had been difficult for much of my life; healthy foods I wished I could eat caused pain and bloating.  But with my atlas in place, I now enjoy healthy and delicious meals without discomfort.  In fact, bad digestion is a signal that my atlas has probably gone out.

It’s called “subluxation.”  “Lux” means light, and “sub” means less – less light.  When the spine is out of alignment, nerves that emanate from the spine are compromised, and these nerves control every organ and function of the body.  It is as if the lights were going out.  I am a scientist, and this makes sense to me.  It makes sense that drugs could not fix my breathing when nerves that control breathing were compromised at the spine.  No wonder my jaw was released when my atlas was aligned -- there is a muscle that connects the atlas to the jaw.  And no wonder I was having headaches and brain fog.  When the atlas is out, it pushes directly into the brain stem, and that is scary. 

But how did aligning my atlas make my legs even?  It turns out that the top vertebra of the spine is directly correlated to the bottom vertebra.  Releasing tension on the atlas releases imbalance in the lower spine.  Atlas orthogonal chiropractors understand this.  When the atlas is aligned, the rest of the spine “unwinds” in response. When the atlas it out, the rest of the spine twists out of shape to compensate.  This principle is simple, amazing, and powerful. 

And best of all, atlas orthogonal chiropractic saved my brother from major spine surgery.  My brother had two herniated disks in his neck, pushing 7 millimeters into his spinal cord.  He could not get out of bed or turn on a light switch, and his chiropractor sent him away for major neck surgery.  That is when my brother came from out of state to stay with me and be treated by Dr. Michlin.  Gradually he re-gained his mobility as his spine began to heal.  An MRI scan taken about two years later revealed that the two herniated disks had completely healed. 

And oh, by the way -- my arms and fingers are not numb anymore!  And my foot tingles only when my atlas goes out J

Barbara A.
Grand Prairie, Texas 
50 Years Old

Post Chemotherapy Neuropathy

Caren, 50 Year Old Female, Fort Worth, Texas

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