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Dear Dr. Michlin:
Thank you, thank you, for fixing my dislocated toe. I spent eight months in constant pain; because my podiatrist told me my toe couldn't be fixed, and I believed him. I can't believe I didn't question him or try other options. I am so thankful to you for showing me that when conventional medicine doesn't help, I still have options in my health care.

It took only one visit for you to straighten out my toe. I immediately felt relief, and once the initial healing period ended, I was pain free. I exercise, play golf, and run around with my two boys - all without foot pain.

Thank you again for everything you did. I will be sure to consult with you again on any future health care needs.

Yours truly,
39 Year Old Female, Pension Benefits Specialist, West Bloomfield, Michigan

Dr. Michlin is not only getting my neck and back where they belong, but with his little tool  [activator] he was also able to fix my finger. I had injured it and hadn't been able to fully close it for a few weeks. It seemed so easy when he did it, but I know it took a lot of knowledge to be able to do it quickly and right.

55 Year Old Female, Photographer, Fort Worth, Texas

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