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Low Back Pain / Sciatica

Learn How Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Adjustments Can Treat Lower Back & Sciatica Pain

Dr. Michlin was an answer to my prayers!

After being hit by a semi-truck, I tried getting treatment from two other doctors with no success and continued to have severe headaches, neck and back pain. After viewing an episode of "The Doctors," I went online to see if an Atlas Orthogonist was in our area. Lucky for me that I found Dr. Michlin! His holistic approach and specialized treatments have been the miracle I needed to regain my health and get me back in top shape.  I am now in a state of relief and have regained full function. Thank you, Dr. Michlin!

43 Year Old Female, Human Resources Manager, Roanoke, Texas

A 69 year old man, who has been suffering with sciatica, said to Dr. Michlin, "When I found your number, it was like finding a gold mine!" Give us a call and you can strike gold too!


Dr. Michlin is the Maestro of my Spine!!!!! When I started seeing Dr. Michilin, I could barely bend over or get out of a chair. It's been a long process but I will never forget the day I had my "break through" adjustment! I can't believe how adjusting my atlas can make everything else fall into place. Thank you so much!!!

44 Year Old Female, Apartment Leasing Agent, Fort Worth, Texas

Quality Excellent

Dr. Michlin has corrected a long-standing back problem, with far more expertise and professionalism than any other chiropractor I have been to, from Cornwall, Ontario, to Watertown, NY to Fort Worth, TX. He knew exactly what to do to adjust my back and it feels great!  Just three weeks ago, I was in total pain from severe sciatica and could barely hobble.  He even corrected my right upper thigh that had been severely numb since I was 30 (that’s 32 years of numbness).

Then, through his Atlas Orthogonal expertise, he adjusted my atlas.  Just resting on the table, I could feel the joints in my spine realign by themselves!

His care has been tremendous and he should be in Hollywood getting the big bucks or working with the NFL Cowboys. There are only 300 chiropractors in the world who are Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists!  We are so darn lucky to have him here! 

He is absolutely wonderful, and I've been to several.  He's not a Crack-Your-Back high volume adjuster.  He schedules you to have the time to see you and treat you properly! He truly lives up to the name of Master Craftsman!  My name is on here.  Tell him I sent ya!

62 Year Old Male, Fort Worth, Texas

Pops' FaceBook Review

My name is Santos and when I first called for an appointment it was the third straight day without any sleep. I had pain on both hips and shooting down my leg and numbing my foot. With the first exam and subsequently the "correction," I was able to finally sleep on my bed all night without any pain. As the weeks progressed, the correction held, and I sleep on my bed again without any reoccurring hip pain.

54 Year Old Male, Contractor Project Manager, Fort Worth, Texas

My name is Chris. I am a 36 year old school teacher. I have been a patient of Dr. Christopher Michlin's since last January (2006). My problems began at the beginning of last December with lower back problems. I've had minor issues in the past. However, this time, it was not getting any better. I'd had enough of the pain, and I did not want to see a doctor that was just going to "ring out" the kinks in my spine.

My wife works in the same building with Dr. Michlin. She informed me that a new tenant, who happened to be a chiropractor, had just moved into the building. I made an appointment immediately. Even though the doctor was not unpacked completely and did not yet have all of his equipment set up, he was kind enough to see me anyway.

At the time, I could barely stand up straight, and it was very difficult to walk. With this first visit, Dr. Michlin took some X-ray photos. He also spent time explaining to me the different conditions that can occur within the spinal column, as well as other issues that arise from these conditions. It was clear at that moment that he was different from other general chiropractors. That day, I left feeling very informed and optimistic.

At the next visit, Dr. Michlin showed me the analyzed X-ray photos. I was shocked to see that my atlas was tilted and several vertebrae were compressed, which put pressure on lower back nerves. The rest of my spinal column was shifting to compensate for this offset. As this was pointed out, we discussed treatment plans. One thing I can say about the Doc is that he is truly flexible and understanding with regard to appointments. He really made me feel confident that I was in good hands.

I am also appreciative of the fact that he is gentle with the adjustments, yet he can really get things moving around if he needs to do so. I coach several sports at our school, and consider myself to be a fairly stout guy at 6 feet, one inch tall and 210 pounds. Dr. Michlin has no problems adjusting me effectively, but gently.

I have been seeing Dr. Michlin for approximately seven months now. Throughout the treatment sessions, I've had the chance to get initial treatment, participate in maintenance sessions to ensure the correct alignment of my spinal column, and receive bi-weekly evaluations to assess the healing process of my back.

I am happy to say that I am well on the road to recovery. My back is holding its alignment, and I am healing quickly. What started as two-per-week appointments has now evolved into biweekly, and soon to be, monthly visits. I feel stronger everyday due to this intensive program. My lower back no longer hurts. I still have some minor compression in a few vertebrae, but we're working on it. With Dr. Michlin's help, I feel much more comfortable about the status of my back as I get older.

Dr. Michlin truly has a gift and a strong knowledge of the back and neck, as well as other related anatomical features. He often stresses the term "wellness." He is devoted to getting you back on the road to health, and is genuinely interested in your well-being. I have given his business card to several friends, and I would recommend him to anyone who has back or neck problems, or even to those who merely wish to feel good again.

36 Year Old Male, High School Teacher & Athletic Coach, Fort Worth, Texas

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