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Lyme Disease

After suffering daily headaches for six years I was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease (through positive blood work) in 2012. I’ve tried almost every treatment for another six years, including two years of heavy-handed antibiotics which completely destroyed my immune system, with little to no affect. During the end of 2017, I suffered through two strains of internal shingles in my spine which caused tremendous, extreme pain for near 4 months. It was these two problems that played a large part in me seeking out an atlas orthogonist for relief.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Michlin for just four months now and already I can see more results in that short amount of time than with any kind of treatment I tried for several years prior to finding Back to Health.

I can happily say after seeing Dr. Michlin, my headaches are less frequent, my immune system has gotten stronger, I’ve been able to drastically cut down on the medicine I took for both muscle and nerve pain. I can’t wait to see how things continue to improve in the future.

Rachael, 26 Years Old

Ehler's Danlos

Here a happy Mom’s 5-Star Google Review which shares a little bit of her 21 year old daughter’s story.

“For years our teen-aged daughter experienced worsening health conditions including loss of peripheral vision and debilitating headaches due to increased pressure in her head and pressing on her optic nerve. She also was "numb" on her left side for many years and one leg was over half an inch shorter than the other -- supposedly due to a fracture in her growth plates when younger. Neurologists conducted many tests, but basically threw up their hands. I believe it was a miracle that led us to Dr. Michlin at Back to Health Chiropractic. His x-rays showed that her Atlas vertebra was very out of place, causing the increased pressure as well as significant misalignments throughout her spine. After just two weeks of intensive and highly skilled treatment, her peripheral vision has returned, feeling has returned to her left side, headaches have ceased and her "short" leg is now almost the same length as the other. We are so thrilled and grateful. She has more treatment ahead to ensure results prevail, her neuro pathways continue to reestablish and her body continues to heal, and we are delighted to continue on such a positive road ahead for her. Thank you to Dr. Michlin and team!”